Waldorf inspired dolls

30-50 cm

Ágnes Nyerges  Vienna
waldorf baaba
mohairhajú waldorf baba waldorfbaba
waldorfbaba waldorfbaba waldorf baba waldorf baaba
waldorfbaba waldorfbaba waldorfbaba waldorfbaba
waldorf baba waldorfbaba waldorf fiúbaba waldorfbaba
barnahajú kisfiú 40 cm waldorf baaba waldorfbaba waldorfbaba, 50 cmbarna moherhajú ronybaba
waldorf rongybaba waldorfbaba Rongybaba waldorfbaba barnahajú
waldorfbaba 50 cm 30 cm-es waldorf baba piros ruhás waldorfbaba szőke waldorfbaba.jpg
waldorf csecsemőbaba Waldorf újszülött baba waldorf csecsemőbaba szőke moherhajú rongybaba

waldor baba rongybaba
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